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Collin Pollock - Photographer

Portrait of Photographer Collin PollockGrowing up in Southern California, I've always been drawn towards music, art and pop culture. Throughout the majority of my academic career, I pursued music as a way of expressing my creativity. Starting off by learning to play piano when I was 5, I also learned to play the cello and clarinet before finding my love of playing the saxophone. It wasn't until my sophomore year at Cal State University of Long Beach that I needed to pursue a more stable career path, so I finished my degree in Accounting.

After working several years in the Accounting field, an accident landed me in the hospital for 8 weeks learning how to live life in a wheelchair. Little did I know, this accident would turn out to be a blessing and a major turning point in my life. With not being able to drive and return to my accounting job, I had plenty of time to pursue my creative interests again.

A Blessing in Disguise

During my recovery, I taught myself a lot about web design, graphic design and typography. Within a few months, I started designing websites for some friends who ran their own businesses. As word spread, I started to pick up a steady client base, I realized my life as a bored accountant was behind me. After a few years and a decent portfolio built, I landed a job as a Senior Designer at an Orange County Real Estate Marketing Firm. During my 7 years of employment, I gathered a lot of useful training in design and photography. Photography instantly became a true love for me and I ended up focusing most of my time in this area. In the beginning of 2013, I broke away from the Real Estate Marketing Firm and began a career as a freelance photographer, web and graphic designer.