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  • Daytime image of a Monarch Butterfly
  • High Key portrait of a woman on white
  • Fall portrait of a toddler in leaves
  • Product photography of a cupcake
  • Sunset silhouette of a woman on bench.
  • Pregnant belly, maternity image
  • Client image of woodworkers hands
  • Product photography of a bowl of candy
  • Engagement photography
  • Stock photo of an antique thermometer
  • Infant Christmas portrait
  • Newborn image with wedding rings

Disclaimer of Photographic Imagery

All photography listed herein is a product of Pollock Photography and artist Collin Pollock © 2013. Duplication or use of imagery is prohibited unless prior consent is given. If you would like to use any of my photography, please contact me or visit my online portfolios on the following portfolio and stock photography websites.